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Your Spiritual Wedding Ring...

This morning as I was asking the Lord to give me something for a friend that was going through a tough time, he gave me a sweet little message about her, his bride.

Then, he said "You hold up your hand to see the ring I placed on your finger, unlike any ever seen. It cannot be removed, it's the example of who you are to me. Cherished, rare, sought and found. Beautiful, shaped by the test of time."

As I was writing, an image of a ring made of sea glass and wrapped around her finger by the shape of a brindle starfish came to my mind. It was fitted on her finger as if part of her.

I started thinking about the significance of a ring in scripture. So of course (if you know me well you know) I Googled it!

In biblical times, rings were often a seal or signet and used to show the persons identity. This made sense to me that it would be a treasure from the sea, as she loves the ocean and sea glass. It also made sense to me as sea glass is shaped by being tossed and tumbled over rough surfaces, shaped by the test of time. It takes time to become a beautiful piece that is sought after by beach comers, and cherished. Each piece is unique and a rare find, just like her.

A ring was also "a token of investment with authority and of favor (overgenerous preferential treatment) and dignity (worthy of honor or respect)"

They were given to a woman as a gift of sacred purpose. So Powerful!

What would your spiritual wedding ring look like? It's fun to think about...

What would it look like if he created a ring just for you that showed your identity, how he sees you? His token of investment to show you your worth to him. What would this overgenerous ring look like? What would it reveal about your sacred purpose?

Ask him to show you and see what comes to your minds eye!

Have Fun!!



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