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My Treasure ~ Love

As most of you know, each morning when I'm having my quiet time I journal. Everyday I ask the Lord "What's in my treasure box today?"

A long time ago He told me He has gifts for me but I never ask for them. Now I do!

Whenever I meet with Him in my mind, we are always at the beach and there's a treasure box that holds my gift for the day. It may be a word, an image or just a fleeting thought but as I dig deeper it's usually a Profound Aha moment!

This time as I asked "What's in my treasure box today Papa?" He tucked it under His arm, put His other arm around my waist and we walked down the beach.


He stoped... kneeling down on one knee He held out the chest like a groom offering his treasure in a small box, waiting in expectation as he presents his love, his hopes and dreams for a future together. Holding it out as an invitation to take their love deeper level.

Holding his breath as he awaits the highly anticipated YES!


That's my gift ~ My Treasure ~ A Proposal ~ An offer of intimacy ~ An invitation to explore a deeper revelation of Love. Mine for Him and His for me!

An invitation to say "Yes" and begin a journey of incomprehensible Love.

Does this resonate with you? Can you see Him on one knee presenting you with the box?

He wants to Sweep You Away In His Love!

Click the link above and let Him Sweep You Away In His Love! Let Him take you in His arms.

Next, grab your journal and take time to tell Him what that was like for you and where you want to take this beautiful Proposal of Love.

Thank you for letting me share this Journey with you. These are hard times for many and a moments touch of His Love can breath life back to a heavy heart.

Please take a moment to ask Him if there is someone you should share this with and forward it on and as always, I love to hear your feedback here or you can email me at

Multiplied Blessings!



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