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It's All About Me

How many times have you heard someone say "I Know, It's not all about me".

But it WAS!

Before you were even a thought in your parents mind, He knew you!

He knew you because He formed you. In His image He created you.


He created the perfect you when He decided the color of your skin, your hair and your eyes, how tall you would be, your personality style and all the little gifts and talents He placed in you to bring you joy and relationship with Him.

BEFORE you were born it was all about you when He set you apart to be uniquely YOU.

He is the Creator and you are a Unique piece of art He created.

Think about how much fun He must have had as He began creating!

Grab your journal and invite Holy Spirit to come with revelation. Describe yourself as if you were Him the artist, describing you, His new favorite piece of Art.

How did He put you together and why?

Where is your Purpose, your Place of Influence or Destiny?

Are you actually doing all He created you for? If so Thank Him!

If not, ask Him what's stopping you and write His response.

Ask Him what He wants you to do with this information.

I have found that for so many of us life has gotten in the way. We have lost our passion for our first love. We have lost connection with other women. We've been Detoured and are feeling like it's too late or we don't have the skills, support or means to make IT happen. Some are discouraged while others are devastated!

It's Never Too Late! If you're not dead, your not done!

I'd Love to help!

I have a few spots left in my new Group Coaching Program

Destiny Runners~From Detoured to Destiny in 90 days

Join us for this Transformational program! We will use my proprietary process of Journaling to hear what He has to say about you and who He created you to be, as well as what he wants you to do about it.

My passion is to see women not only hear who God says they are but begin to Believe it! Until we truly believe we are who we are, we can never Do what he created us to Do. Locking arms with other women to encourage and support each other, we will run towards our Destinies!

I'm only looking for 12 women to be part of my "Trail Blazers". You will be the first to go through this program. I am offering a very low introductory price that will never be repeated again.

Book a 50 minute session to get more information and see if you might be a good fit for Destiny Runners!

Blessings as you Arise!



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