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Hungry, Expectant & Excited?

Hi Arising Friends!

I hope you had a great Thanksgiving and allowed yourself to eat until you were stuffed!

I totally enjoyed the food, family and fellowship.

After everyone was gone I crawled in my chair with my journal for a little time with Papa. Every day that I wait on him he gives me a gift. It usually comes in the form of a picture and that day was a baby bird with it's mouth open wide ready to be fed.

My First thought was that's apropo for Thanksgiving day when we tend to stuff ourselves with great food.

When I read about baby birds, it said they are Eager to be fed and they don't question what their parent is feeding them, they just take it all in. They eat until they are stuffed!

They raise their little faces up with mouth wide open...Hungry, Expectant and Excited for what they're about to receive.

Such a beautiful image of how we should be with the Lord each morning. Hungry, Expectant and Excited for all he has for us!

A baby birds gaping mouth actually stimulates the parent to feed it.

What if we took that posture each morning with our father God? Sat with our face to heaven and said feed me!

Grab your journal and ask Him, what do you want to feed me today?

It may be a passage of scripture, it might be the lyrics of a song that will speak to you. He may just want to feed you words of love and encouragement. Take some time to listen and write down what he gives you.

Respond and ask questions if you have any.

I always like to end with the question, is there anything else you want to share with me?

Share your meal with us below.




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