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Dropping logs like Hansel & Gretel's crumbs.

Good Morning my Arising Friends!

Every morning I start my day with Him and my Journal. The other day as I was asking Him for my daily gift, I saw cut fire logs being unloaded from a wooden cart and randomly dropped along a dirt road that was running through a sparse forest.

I instantly asked "What does this mean Papa?" "It feels like Hansel and Gretel"... follow the crumbs. true Sandi style, I went to google and it was a wealth of information. Although this was a picture in my mind and not a dream, I always look up the biblical meaning of the image in dreams.

I learned that wood is very significant and rarely shows up in dreams. Think about the biblical references for wood. Jesus was a carpenter. His livelihood came from creating with wood and he died on wood. Then we have the significance of the cross. There's a lot there!

Wood is considered to be the most valuable resource in the world.

But for me it was logs. A Log represents a meaningful or significant aspect of yourself - A talent or creativity.

In a dream, it means revelation. It may be information we don't understand at this point but it's important to pay attention to it and remember it.

Walking through a forest can mean that you are holding on to something lost. THIS IS ME! I have been holding on to this ministry for 15 years now feeling it was lost. My heart wouldn't let go of my dream and what I believe to be unlike any other experience you will have hearing Him.

That walk in the forest can mean that you are where you wanted to be in life. Your life carved out precisely the way you wanted it. That things are going as planned with little or nothing blocking you. The ability to carve out things desired.

Again, I believe this was right on for me. I'm right where I'm supposed to be and this is my time to share my gift with you!

So my creative talent, my gift to you is Self Discovery Journaling. A way to hear God's voice for revelation about who you are, where he's taking you and what he has for you to accomplish on this earth.

This is YOUR time to pick up your log along the path. YOUR meaningful or significant aspect of yourself - Your talent or creativity! What will you DO with it?

Are you confident in what He has created you to do and who he created you to be?

Have you heard his direction for this season of your life?

Are you ready to run with it? Are you looking for those who will run alongside you?

Take a minute to write to him all that is in your heart. Your dreams, current or lost. Your passions. Your concerns or heart aches. Use your non-dominant hand to let him respond and give you hope for your future. A future filled with joy and excitement for all that you will do and accomplish together!

I would LOVE to help you along your path in 2020!

If you haven't had a chance to grab your FREE Daily Affirmation of "The Season Of I Never Would Have Thought..." click the link below.

I'm excited for all that He has for you and for me in 2020!

Blessings as you "Arise My Darling My Beautiful One and Come Away With Me"! (Him)



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