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Are You Sleeping On Your Piece Of The Puzzle?

Updated: Oct 22, 2022

Have you ever thought about our lives being like a puzzle? What if your gift is a missing piece of someone else's puzzle? A piece that needs to be put in place to finish what their heart has dreamed of? What God created them for? Would you deny them that?

You have a gift unique to you and the world needs it! Someone out there needs what only you have to give them and their waiting for it.

I know you're probably thinking a million people do what I do or you may think they do it better so why do they need your gift?

Well STOP that thought right there!

One of the first things the scripture tells us in Genesis 1 "Let us make man in our image"... "So God created man in His own image, in the image of God He created him; male and female He created them."

God made you uniquely in His own image to be an example of a piece of who He is. No one else is like you. No one else does what you do exactly like you do it. Just like every piece of a puzzle.

Are you sleeping on it or are you sharing it?

God has gifted me with a way to lead people into a conversation with him. They learn to hear his voice and build a beautiful relationship with him.

It took me a long time to begin to believe that I do something no one else does. That I carry a unique piece of the puzzle that someone is missing.

He allows me to put that piece of the puzzle in place for them. It's a unique process. It's not for everyone but for those who need it, it's life changing. He's asking us to be that little piece of Him He created us to be. Does that make sense?

You get to be that piece of the puzzle that fits a place only you can fill. That perfect piece that lets all the other pieces come into place around it.

Think about the impact of what you do, on the lives of others. If you don't lay down your uniquely shaped piece of their puzzle, can the other pieces fit into place?

He has gifted me with Self Discovery Journaling or Prophetic Journaling and it's not about what I DO, It's about what I ALLOW HIM to DO THROUGH me!

Grab your journal and pen and take some time to reflect on what piece of the puzzle you bring to the world. Ask him to make it clearer to you how He wants you to use it and give Him some time to answer.

I hope this will motivated you to move forward in offering the world what only you have to give. I would love to hear your process and what He's showing you. You can share in the comments below or write to me at

If you were blessed by this process when you've completed it, please consider sharing it with your friends.

Multiplied Blessings!



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