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Are My Friends, Friends In Heaven?

This week I got a prophetic word from Jeremy Lopez. It was close to 10 minutes long and PACKED with wonderful encouragement and insight from the Lord. It was quite AMAZING!

One of the things the Lord said was "You couldn't imagine the Angels I've already position in your tomorrow, waiting on you to reach and catch up to that place called tomorrow to know what's gonna happen. "

"They're even waiting for boxes of favor - boxes and box loads of my glory!"

Instantly the image of my precious friend Doris came to mind.

Could she be one of the "Angels" set over my tomorrow?

I know she would gladly accept the job with joy ~ The warmth of that loving smile that draws you in for a hug!

He also said "Open up your heart, open up your arms" "with genuine heart felt warmth that only you can bring forth." Well she's the perfect Angel to deliver those open arms with heart felt warmth. She carried it well!

(Carlah and her mama Doris)

Then I headed off to bed and as I was drifting off to sleep ~ My mind went to Michaels.

His huge smile that mixes fun and mischief ~ Love and Kindness. I thought Michael?

Your image hasn't popped up in my mind for a while!

Then I saw him tip his head back and laugh.

And I immediately thought ~ he's another Angel set in place for me in heaven.

He'll be the one happy to do the heavy lifting He'll deliver those boxes of favor and loads of glory to my tomorrow.

He was highly favored. He was a giver who loved people and they Loved him!

(Michael and his beautiful mama Pamela)

Then in the morning as I was having my quiet time it all came back to me and I thought Lord, are they friends in Heaven?

My immediate thought was of course they are! They're laughing it up and having a good old time! They may be even plotting some fun pranks for my future, my tomorrow ~

Unexpectedly my mind went to Kurt and I thought Yes! He balances things out.

A gentle quieter spirit but he also carries a beautiful warm and embracing smile ~

He's gonna be the Project Manager!

The one who keeps the others focused and on task to make sure there's plenty of time for fun.

He's the great listener and communicator that will hear my heart, mix in Michaels incredible creative ideas and Dori's sprinklings of love!

So I had to stop and ask again~ Papa, Are my friends friends in Heaven? Three people who never knew each other on earth, are they collaborating to impact my tomorrows?

Then, if you know me...I had to go to google because WOW! There are 3 of them and #3 has such great significance so I had to look it up. Kansas City Star "The number 3 biblically represents divine wholeness, completeness and perfection. If there ever was a desire to highlight an idea, thought, event or noteworthy figure in the Bible for their prominence, the number 3 was used to put a divine stamp of completion or fulfillment on the subject.

AMAZING! He not only wanted to give me the promise, He wanted to highlight it with these 3 Angles.

Could this really be part of what's happening in heaven or is it my wonderful imagination?

Either way, I'm excited and I'll be watching to see glimpse's of each of their unique qualities in my tomorrows as the 3 bring divine wholeness, completeness and perfection to my Tomorrow. I'll watch Papa put his divine stamp of completion and fulfillment on the subject.

Share your thought?

Who are the Angels set in place for your tomorrows?

What are their assignments and the characteristics the'll be sharing with you to get you to YOUR tomorrow?

I pray you will take a little time with Papa and your journal and unpack this word for YOU.

Multiplied Blessings My Friends! Sandi


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