When Love and Language Collide

Updated: Feb 24

Have you ever tried to explain how you feel about someone only to find that the words fall short? Love and Language Collide...

This weeks Self Discovery Journey will help mix indescribable emotions with words.

We just celebrated Mother's Day. A Day where we try to convey those words that our hearts are feeling.

I was thinking about my boys and how much I love them, how different they are and how little the words I have to describe that love, truly conveys the emotions I feel.

Stick with me here and I think you will have an Aha moment where words and emotions collide.

Holy Spirit I invite you to come and bring revelatory insight to each person embarking on this journey today! Bless them with more than they expected.

If you haven't already Grabbed your journal, pen and tissue, go ahead. I encourage you to find a quiet place, turn off the notifications on your computer and silence your cell phone so you can get all that Papa has for you in this process.

I'm going to direct you one prompt at a time.


If you do, your logical brain may hijack the process and diminish that beautiful AHA!

#1 Think about someone you have mothered and deeply loved.

#2 Feel the emotion of that love as you describe them in words (it's fine if it's more than one person. Remember there are no wrongs when journaling.)

#3 What are the things that you LOVE about them?

#4 How do you feel when you think of them?

#5 Re-read what you just wrote - feel the emotion you wrote it with - the indescribable love.

#6 Now re-read it again with the same emotion, but let it be Jesus describing you!

#7 How did it make you feel?

#8 Any Aha moments?

#9 If there is anything you had a hard time believing about how He feels about you, take some time to talk with Him about it.

#10 Thank Him for coming and using this unique process to show His heart for you!

My prayer is that you experienced his love for you in a new way.

I would love to hear your Aha's or how this Journey impacted you. Leave a comment or send a private message to AriseSandi@gmail.com

Multiplied Blessings!


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