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Do You Avoid Your Life's Bathroom?

Ever thought about the fact that the bathroom is where we let go of everything no longer serving us? Ok you are probably thinking next message... She's gotten a little weird here. But stick with me for a minute.

So every morning when I'm wrapping up my time with the Lord I ask him what he has for me that day. He told me a while back that He's a good daddy and He always has presents for me I just have to ask. So…I ask!

So today when I asked I saw a big 2 story house. At first I thought wow! He’s bringing me a house. As I asked questions He said I'm showing you that your ministry holds many different rooms to accommodate different needs.

He showed me a kitchen-A place to feast on His Goodness. He showed me a bathroom - The place to let go of all that is no longer serving you...belief systems, pain, fear, insignificance... (This one really intrigued me so see below how to get your FREE copy of "Living In Your Life's Bathroom").

Lastly He showed me many bedrooms - Places to rest in His presence.

The thought Living in The House of Heaven came to my mind.

Well Arising friends, this is Exactly what my new Private FaceBook group, Destiny Runners will be doing! Do you desire to feast on his goodness, let go of unhealthy belief systems, pain, fear and insignificance, and rest in His presence? I would love for you to join us!

If you have not signed up for my inspiring emails, please click on and sign up today! Then leave me a little comment like I’m In! So I can put you on the priority list when I open up the group in January.

I will be sending you all a FREE copy of Living In Your Life's Bathroom... 1 week to letting go of... I can't think of a better way to start off your New Year! 😁




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