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Does the thought of a new year make you want to shout STOP!

* Are you tired of getting your hopes up that this year will be my year to ....? Setting New Year Resolutions that don't last past March?

* Is it a sad, maybe a heart wrenching reminder of all that you hoped and dreamed of over the years but never saw it happen?

* Do you wonder why God put you on a path that never went where He promised you it would go? Why did He put that desire in your heart anyway if it wasn't really gonna happen?

* Maybe it feels like life has passed you by and now it’s all too late?

Well I have had all these thoughts. I've spent many hours crying to the Lord. And I'm excited to say that this year I am stepping out in boldness to do what my heart longs to do. And that's to help women just like you step into our Identity, embrace your Destiny and become the Influencer you were meant to be!

Ladies let me tell you that it is a new season! (see Lawna Vawsers word My Trailblazing Daughters Are Arising!) Time to take out those dreams you put on hold. Grab your journal or a piece of paper and make a list of all you ever dreamed of doing, being, having, etc... Circle the ones that still pull on your heart or make you sad that you didn't get to do them.

Ask Holy Spirit to help you dust them off and see what's underneath. Write down everything that comes to your mind, what you're seeing, thinking, or feeling in your heart?

Now Get ready to RUN! In 2019 I'm launching a group called Destiny Runners and I want you to join us! We're going to lock arms and RUN after all God has for us in 2019. I'm sure we will laugh, cry and shout Wooohooo as we support and celebrate each other.

Let's do this together!

Look for more information coming soon.

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Blessings Arising Women!



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