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Behold The Winter Is Past.. Time To Let Go Of Your Winter Season.

What is a Winter Season of life?

To me it's a time when we snuggled in, comfortable, complacent and safe from life's storms. It's been a challenging season for many people the past few years and I know I'm not the only one who was doing a little hibernating.

Well I'm so excited that season is over! Time to pick up your dream, your passion, your secret desire and start running with it! You were created to create. What does that look like for you? Let's take the journey together!

Since 2003 my dream has been to help others experience a closer relationship to the Trinity using Self Discovery Journaling. To walk with Them, talk with Them and share your hearts desire. I know you are probably saying to yourself, that was 15 years ago, why didn't you do it? I did for a few years until life took a different route, but the dream never left me. Maybe I needed to take this route to find my passion to help others get back on their passion path.

This is the year I pick it up and run with it again. Run with me! Right into the arms of your beloved. Are you brave enough to go on a new journey? To let the Lord take your hand and take you where you have longed to go? It's the season of Spring and Resurrection. Let's resurrect your dreams and passions, dust them off and see how God surprises you! It's a new season, one of growth, promise and power to accomplish what ever you dream of.

Your beloved is calling you to Arise My Darling my beautiful one and come with me! Where does he want to take you?

Behold the winter is past, the rain is over and gone, the flowers have appeared in the land the time arrives for pruning the vines.


~ Grab your journal or a notebook and write the word dream, passion or secret desire, whatever it is, at the top of the page.

~ Now write everything that comes to your mind. Everything that you have ever wanted to do but set aside because there just never was enough time, money or opportunity... Don't edit! There is no right or wrong.

~ You may have memories of how excited you were about... write those, what you are feeling, words that may be coming to mind and you aren't sure why. People and places may come to mind, wherever your mind takes you, let it go there and write it down...

~ Pay attention to the emotions you are feeling as you write and jot them down as well...

~ Next write to Father God, Jesus or Holy Spirit and tell them what you wish had been different...

~ Let Him respond. Try using your non-dominate to write his response. (Don't worry that you can't read it. You can go back later and rewrite it while it's fresh in your mind. It's about the process.)

~ Now ask Them (God, Jesus & Holy Spirit) to restore your dream, redeem the lost time or lost opportunity and show you how to run with it again! Write the response.

~ Lastly take time to tell Them anything else you want to say and ask if there is anything else They would like to say.

It's never to late to love your life!

Thank you for taking this Self Discovery Journey with me. I hope it has been insightful, motivating and has given you a new hope and direction! If you have enjoyed this process and would like more, please visit my website and subscribe to my email list for more great Journey's!

If you haven't read my last Blog post "What's Fighting To Be Resurrected In Your Life?" I encourage you to read it.

I'm so excited to Run with YOU!



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