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I Have A Dream For 2018...

Updated: Feb 24, 2022

Hello My Arising Friends!

Happy New Year!

Can you believe it? We are already half way through the first month of a new year! How many of you are like me asking yourself where have the years gone? Where have my dreams gone?

We just celebrated Martin Luther King Jr. day here in America. When I think of him, I always think of his famous speech "I have a dream..."

I had the privilege of teaching my Self Discovery Journaling techniques at a Charter School in California. One of my favorite assignments was "I Have A Dream". Each child had a unique and equally important dream.

I had them lay down and close their eyes while I read a little bit of MLK Jr.'s speech. I asked them to imagine what that would look like. Then I asked if they could do anything to change the world, what would it be? How could you make it happen and what would it look like?

When they were ready they were to open their eyes and draw what they imagined and write about their dream. One child dreamed of a world with no drugs so that everyone could be healthy. One wanted a world where no child went to bed hungry. Another wanted people to keep our parks and oceans clean so that sea life would be happy and healthy, while another wanted everyone to have friends. Just think about the career opportunities that would allow them to see those dreams come true!

What about you? What did you dream about when you were a child? How did that dream change or blossom as you became a young adult? Where are you now? What happened to the dreams that God placed in you the day you were born?

My prayer is that this year you will Arise up to do all that God has created you to do! If you are living your Dream, whats the next step? If your Dream was lost in the years of being a mother and or wife or maybe derailed because you had to make ends meet in whatever career you could. Let's get back to that Dream. It's never to late! Stir it up! Stir up those Dreams that bring you to life!

I encourage you to find a quiet place where you can get comfortable, close your eyes and ask the Lord to give you a vision of where he wants to take your Dreams in 2018. Give it some time to develop in your minds eye. When your'e ready, draw out a sketch of what that looked like. Write about what you saw, felt and heard as you sat with the Lord.

I would love to hear about your experience, Dreams and plans for 2018!

Please feel free to post here or email me at

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I look forward to our 2018 Journey!




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