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Simple Mind Boggling Revelation

I LOVE worshiping, and Worship Journaling!

During my quiet time, I love turning my music on shuffle and leaving it up to Holy Spirit to bring the songs my soul needs that morning. I wait for words or phrases to jump out at me, drawing me into conversation with them. Sometimes I'm delighted by the images the song brings to my mine. They dance across my heart and I have to write...

But this morning it was the phrase "I'm expecting good from you!" and that's what I got! My mind was boggled by this simple revelation.

"It's your joy to love me. You created me to be exactly what you wanted me to be. You could create the perfect Love for your life while I can only dream of that perfect Love. YOU created ME! It's hard for me to wrap my mind around that. You created all you dreamed of in me!"

Think about it! If you could create the perfect husband/wife, what would they look like? What talents/gifts would they have? What would make them happy? What would you love doing together? That's what he answered for himself when he created YOU! Take a few minutes and let THAT soak in! You have all the dream qualities of the person he wanted to love for eternity.

I encourage you do to some worship journaling and see what treasure of revelation he has for you!


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