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30 Days Of Intentional Happiness!

In January the Lord told me that this was my year of Fun! So recently my life coach challenged me to plan things that made me Happy! This week I'm on vacation and decided to start 30 days of Intentional Happiness while visiting my home town. This is day 7 for me, filled with food, family, fun and friends .

Day 1 So fun to start it all of with a picnic near a beautiful beach with my son and grandson!

Day 2 was a nice walk to my favorite park with my grandson and bestie. We watched the turtles and ducks and just enjoyed the sun on a blanket.

Day 3 Walking with my best friend on our old route to the beach and around the lagoon. We watched some sweet little birds we had never seen before. Later, on to lunch with another friend and dinner with another.

Day 4 I got to have my son over for breakfast and enjoyed some quiet time for writing. Afternoon meeting with another good friend I hadn't seen for a while. So fun to catch up with old friends!

Day 5 brought story time at the library with my grandson and his mommy. We got some great pictures together and then we all headed off to lunch with daddy.

Day 6 leaving Santa Barbara, to visit my parents for early birthday celebration. My God gift on the way was a whale spouting not far off shore as I was driving down the freeway. Arriving to my favorite family meal (Coe Tacos) topped of with mom's homemade German Chocolate cake!

Day 7 I just stayed in my PJ's all day with my mom. They blessed me with another favorite dinner of dad's BBQ'd Ribeye, Brussel sprouts, baked potato and salad. Of course there will be more birthday cake before bed!

So I challenge you over the next 30 days, be intentional about your happiness. Do something, spend time with someone, or eat something that just makes you happy! Take time to truly experience the happiness. When eating what makes you happy, take time to truly taste it! Take a few minutes to write about your experience and how it made you feel.

Share with us some of your favorite days!

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