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Indescribable Love

As I sit here looking at this picture of my beautiful Grandson and his equally beautiful mother, I contemplate that there are no words to describe the kind of love I feel. Multiple senses are immediately engaging. A heaviness in my chest that longs to hold him yet an overwhelming feeling of joy just to look at his sweet little face. As I look at those adorable cheeks, I can feel his equally indescribably soft skin against mine. It leads to that oh so sweet smell that we all love! And then all the images of his precious smile, his laugh and his Mr. serious expressions. The light in his eyes when daddy and mommy talk to him and he responds with his very important vocabulary that we don't yet understand.

It's a love that has no words to describe but would drive you to do anything in your power to make sure they have everything they need to succeed in life. Have every opportunity to do the things that will bring them joy. You would gladly take there place if you could keep them from life's bumps and bruises, pain, heartache or disappointment.

But the truth is...we never can. Only Jesus can do all that, just as only he can truly understand that overwhelming, indescribable Love!

Watch from my Valentines Day Self Discovery Journaling exercise on LOVE.



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