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Picture Your Prophetic Destiny

live event Mar 21, 2019

Hello Arising Friends!

Well technology is not always my friend.  I have been trying to publish this exciting event for over a week now with no luck. So... I thought I would just send an email as time is getting close and ask you to prayerfully consider joining me!

Do you need a fun day away? A little insight or reminder of your Identity and Place of Influence?  We are moving into exciting times and God has something very special just for you!  Do you know what it is?  What it will look like? Picture Your Prophetic Destiny is a workshop where you can begin to discover it!

Written words and gathered images paint a picture that's unique to you. It's more than a vision board it's a hands on collaboration with Holy Spirit. Creative, Artistic, and Prophetic insight from the heart of the Lord directing you with random words and images to His truth for your Destiny.

You'll come away with:

*A Hearts Desire Phrase - We will start with a phrase that will identify your deepest hearts desire.

*A Prophetic Destiny Statement - In the process you will be surprised and delighted by a Statement confirming His plan. Prophetic - "accurately describing or predicting what will happen in the future"

*A Completed Image - You will go home with an Amazing Image. A reminder of what He revealed to you and where you're headed in this New Season!

There is LIMITED SPACE and I would LOVE to have YOU there!

SPECIAL OFFER - I'm making this first Workshop FREE! Let me offer you an awesome experience and a yummy lunch in exchange for your honest feedback.  I will be hosting this workshop in the future for $49.95 and want to make it the best experience I can.

I hope you will help me out and Join me on this Fun, Unique, and Inspirational Self Discovery Journey! Saturday March 30th 2019, 9:00 am - 3:00 pm in Goleta, CA. Please RSVP by email at [email protected] 

See You Soon!



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