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Pain Has Something To Say...

journey prompt Feb 27, 2019

This weeks blog is for all of us who are suffering from some kind of pain whether it's physical or emotional.  What does your pain have to say about itself and what purpose it serves?

Let me take you on a Self Discovery Journey with your pain. This little exercise will bring Aha moments of insight and words of wisdom from the Lord.

Self Discovery Journaling and the Information contained here in, is no way intended to serve as, and should not be understood or construed as therapy, medical or mental health advice. You assume personal responsibility for your own results. 

Now that we have that little piece of business out of the way, let’s get started!

If you haven’t already done so, grab your journal and at least three different colors of pens. (you may want more or a highlighter as well)  One pen will represent your body, one your pain and the third will be used for writing a reflection. You might want to * or highlight things with different colors as well.

I'm going to give you one little piece at a time.  PLEASE do NOT read ahead until you have finished that prompt.  If you know what’s coming next, your brain will think ahead and respond the way it believes it “should”.  The idea of Self Discovery Journaling (SDJ) is to allow your true, often hidden thoughts to be revealed and that happens best when we don’t think too much.

Go ahead and start by asking Holy Spirit to come and speak to you and give you His insight through this process.


1. First, I want you to write as if you were your body speaking.  Let your body introduce and describe itself. ie I am your body…   I am…. 



2.  Next I want you to use your non dominate hand and let your pain introduce it’s self and describe itself. ie. I am the pain in your…..  (Sometimes it can be challenging to write with your non dominate hand but try your best, particularly if you are right handed. Your left hand controls the right side of your brain which is the creative side vs the logical left side of your brain.  It really helps to quiet the logical and allow our true feelings to speak. I always use my left hand when I am writing what the Lord is saying to me.)



3.  Now you are going to let your body and your pain have a dialogue. Make sure to let each of them describe what purpose they serve for you. (Continue to use your non dominate hand for the pain.)



4.  Continue the conversation by letting the body ask the pain what it can do to help it complete the purpose it serves.  (So you can be free of it)



5. Reflect on what they are saying to you. Write down what you have discovered.



6. Now ask the Lord what you are supposed to do with this information that was revealed to you.



7. Finish up by thanking Him for that insight and ask Him if there is anything else He would like to add or wants you to know. 


I pray that you have gotten insight that will help you move forward in your personal healing process.  I always love to hear about your aha moments and your Journey. Please feel free to contact me at [email protected]


Sandi Neustadt




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