Arise My Darling...

The Season of "I Never Would Have Thought"...

action video Jan 31, 2019

Hello Friends,

Sandi your Self Discovery Healing Coach here with a gift and a challenge for you.

First the gift. Don’t we all love Gifts?

I have created a daily declaration that I believe will change your life by bringing you a New excitement for what's coming in 2019!

The Season Of I Never Would Have Thought… is a prophetic word written by Lana Vawser on October 26, 2018. 

I have taken this powerful word and written it in the form of a daily declaration which I am reading to you in this video.

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We will explore where God is taking you in the Season of I Never Would Have Thought… 

The Challenge is to read it every day for 5 days, write down any thoughts, promises, dreams etc that pop into your mind. Then come back to this Blog and share any Aha’s or revelations you had. Deal?  Great!

So the attached video is me reading it to you and encouraging you to write your own version but now you don't have to write it out. Grab your Free copy so you can underline, highlight, circle, add to etc. to make it yours! 

Arising to all God has for us!

Coach Sandi 

Arise My Darling



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