This week I got a prophetic word from Jeremy Lopez. It was close to 10 minutes long and PACKED with wonderful encouragement and insight from the Lord. It was quite AMAZING!

One of the things the Lord said was "You couldn't imagine the Angels I've already position in your tomorrow, waiting on you to reach and catch up to that place called tomorrow to know what's gonna happen. "

"They're even waiting for boxes of favor - boxes and box loads of my glory!"

Instantly the image of my precious friend Doris came to mind.

Could she be one of the "Angels" set over my tomorrow?

I know she would gladly accept the job with joy ~ The warmth of that loving smile that draws you in for a hug!

He also said "Open up your heart, open up your arms" "with genuine heart felt warmth that only you can bring forth." Well she's the perfect Angel to deliver those open arms with heart felt warmth. She carried it well!

(Carlah and her mama Doris)

Then I headed off to bed and as I was drifting off to sleep ~ My mind went to Michaels.

His huge smile that mixes fun and mischief ~ Love and Kindness. I thought Michael?

Your image hasn't popped up in my mind for a while!

Then I saw him tip his head back and laugh.

And I immediately thought ~ he's another Angel set in place for me in heaven.

He'll be the one happy to do the heavy lifting He'll deliver those boxes of favor and loads of glory to my tomorrow.

He was highly favored. He was a giver who loved people and they Loved him!

(Michael and his beautiful mama Pamela)

Then in the morning as I was having my quiet time it all came back to me and I thought Lord, are they friends in Heaven?

My immediate thought was of course they are! They're laughing it up and having a good old time! They may be even plotting some fun pranks for my future, my tomorrow ~

Unexpectedly my mind went to Kurt and I thought Yes! He balances things out.

A gentle quieter spirit but he also carries a beautiful warm and embracing smile ~

He's gonna be the Project Manager!

The one who keeps the others focused and on task to make sure there's plenty of time for fun.

He's the great listener and communicator that will hear my heart, mix in Michaels incredible creative ideas and Dori's sprinklings of love!

So I had to stop and ask again~ Papa, Are my friends friends in Heaven? Three people who never knew each other on earth, are they collaborating to impact my tomorrows?

Then, if you know me...I had to go to google because WOW! There are 3 of them and #3 has such great significance so I had to look it up. Kansas City Star "The number 3 biblically represents divine wholeness, completeness and perfection. If there ever was a desire to highlight an idea, thought, event or noteworthy figure in the Bible for their prominence, the number 3 was used to put a divine stamp of completion or fulfillment on the subject.

AMAZING! He not only wanted to give me the promise, He wanted to highlight it with these 3 Angles.

Could this really be part of what's happening in heaven or is it my wonderful imagination?

Either way, I'm excited and I'll be watching to see glimpse's of each of their unique qualities in my tomorrows as the 3 bring divine wholeness, completeness and perfection to my Tomorrow. I'll watch Papa put his divine stamp of completion and fulfillment on the subject.

Share your thought?

Who are the Angels set in place for your tomorrows?

What are their assignments and the characteristics the'll be sharing with you to get you to YOUR tomorrow?

I pray you will take a little time with Papa and your journal and unpack this word for YOU.

Multiplied Blessings My Friends! Sandi

As most of you know, each morning when I'm having my quiet time I journal. Everyday I ask the Lord "What's in my treasure box today?"

A long time ago He told me He has gifts for me but I never ask for them. Now I do!

Whenever I meet with Him in my mind, we are always at the beach and there's a treasure box that holds my gift for the day. It may be a word, an image or just a fleeting thought but as I dig deeper it's usually a Profound Aha moment!

This time as I asked "What's in my treasure box today Papa?" He tucked it under His arm, put His other arm around my waist and we walked down the beach.


He stoped... kneeling down on one knee He held out the chest like a groom offering his treasure in a small box, waiting in expectation as he presents his love, his hopes and dreams for a future together. Holding it out as an invitation to take their love deeper level.

Holding his breath as he awaits the highly anticipated YES!


That's my gift ~ My Treasure ~ A Proposal ~ An offer of intimacy ~ An invitation to explore a deeper revelation of Love. Mine for Him and His for me!

An invitation to say "Yes" and begin a journey of incomprehensible Love.

Does this resonate with you? Can you see Him on one knee presenting you with the box?

He wants to Sweep You Away In His Love!

Click the link above and let Him Sweep You Away In His Love! Let Him take you in His arms.

Next, grab your journal and take time to tell Him what that was like for you and where you want to take this beautiful Proposal of Love.

Thank you for letting me share this Journey with you. These are hard times for many and a moments touch of His Love can breath life back to a heavy heart.

Please take a moment to ask Him if there is someone you should share this with and forward it on and as always, I love to hear your feedback here or you can email me at

Multiplied Blessings!


Updated: Sep 9

Last week I had to say goodbye to Love as I knew it to two different people.

Two very different kinds of love.

First was my daddy. I climbed in his lap for one last picture before boarding a plane to fly across the country for the next year.

As I captured a piece of my favorite childhood photo of my sisters and I sitting on daddy's lap as he read to us from the bible, the Dance of Love and Heartache began...

He's suffering the effects of dementia due to Parkinson's. His smile and little laugh as I sat on his lap, not sure he was with me in the present. The aching question would he know me when I return ripped at my heart, twisting it, fighting tears, Love and Heartache danced.

If you know my father it's a love that's easy. He's always been an example of the Love of The Father. From my eyes, Love comes effortless to him.

Five days later I got the news that a precious friend was transitioning to Hospice and we were invited to send her a video message. I struggled to find the words to express the love I felt for her and what she meant to me. I wouldn't say goodbye, I wouldn't cry!

The music started, my heart was breaking at the thought I would never see her again... anger and pain joined in as Love and Heartache Danced.

I turned to my journal where I have my deepest conversations with God. I asked Him "why do you have to take Doris? I can't believe that I will never see her glowing face again here on earth." He said I Love you Sandra. "I know you love me but give me a deeper understanding of that. Let me truly understand the fullness of that love. Help me to be an example of that love to others. Help me to be all that you brought me her to be and do."

He did ~

The next day as I pulled out my journal, the dance began again.

I cried and asked my Papa God how I could lover her so much after just a short time of knowing her. For many years now His passion for me to love like He does has been a theme in my life. He said "that's the Love of the father" and the dance ragged ~ pushing and pulling me in directions I didn't want to go, had not experienced before.

The pain settled and the realization began to set in...this is the love He wants me, for you to have for everyone life's path brings us too. She is a gift. A gift of Love... A living example of how to truly Love.

I know I'm far from it but I now have a beautiful example of what I'm capable of and I know I'll continue to risk...The Dance.


I encourage you to grab your journal and talk about the Love and Heartache Dance with our

Papa God.

I hope you will share this with anyone you know who may need encouragement in The Dance.

If that's you, please respond here or email me at and let me know how I can be praying for you. Blessings!!