Recently I read a FB post from my friend Heidi Bass entitled Are We in the Tomb or in the Womb - Time for Unveiling is Coming! I was so struck by it that I asked her permission to share it here. I'll do that in my style of a Self Discovery Journey. I hope you will choose to use your time here with me and with Him. Grab your journal and a pen and come along!

This is such a great question for where we are today!

Where are you? I encourage you to start by taking a minute to invite Holy Spirit to join you and to bring revelation and insight where you need it.

What's it like for you locked away in your home. Are you in the Tomb or the womb?

Take a moment to picture yourself there.

Describe it in your journal...What does it look like?

What does it feel like?

What can you hear around you?

In her post, Heidi talked about the enemy --not only has he tried to isolate us for Easter--we're now encouraged to wear masks or cover our faces in public!

While she talked to Daddy God about it he said this is just another way the enemy is trying to mask & muzzle God's people. Then her aha moment came about the words that God had given her and other prophetic voices for 2020 - hidden time is over, it is time for the unmasking & unveiling of authentic selves! It is time for people long hidden to be seen and heard! It is time for Royal announcements and decrees!

What are the grave clothes that you have wrapped yourself up in, hidden in that tomb?

What authentic self does He want to unveil?

What Royal announcements and decrees does he want to use you to deliver?

She went on to share the word God had given her for the church for 2020. He is unmasking our True Identities & releasing Authentic Voices so we, His people, can walk in the fullness, wholeness, and completeness of their calling, blessing, plan, purpose, and destiny for our lives!

The enemy, knowing this is God's plan for 2020, then creates a situation to try to thwart it-- where people are now hidden most of the day, and then when we do go out--we are masked, muffled, and covered. We can't even smile at each other! The enemy thinks he has won--yet many are the plans of the enemy and man--it is God's plan that always prevails!

The Beauty is we have a choice to stay hidden in the tomb of our homes and behind that mask with our voices muffled...or not.

Take a minute to picture yourself hidden behind a mask... What do you look like?

How does it feel breathing through this mask? Describe it...

Ask the Lord what you're hiding from and let Him respond using your non-dominant hand to write His response.

What does your voice sound like muffled? Can it be heard?

Ask Him what the enemy is trying to muzzle and muffle in you...

What does He want you to do about it?

She continues...Here's the thing--we may feel like we're in a cave or a tomb--hidden, unseen, unheard, isolated and alone--the Truth is--we're really in the womb--being fed, nourished, reset, and restored to His Original Design and Intent--another Word He gave me for 2020 to corporately declare over His Bride.

So now if you saw yourself in the Tomb, I want you to shift your vision from the Tomb to the Womb.

What does it look like there...

What does it feel like?

What emotions are you feeling?

See God wants to call His people deeper, call His people higher during this time in the womb. Deeper into rest--marinating in His Presence, soaking, seeking, full immersion--going deeper with Him than we've ever gone before.

What does it feel like to rest, truly rest in Him...

What are you soaking up in His Presence?

Describe the feeling of safety and protection in the womb.

Higher with Him--seated in Heavenly places, listening to His heart, getting Kingdom strategies for the rest of 2020.

Take a minute to describe what it's like to feel your heart beating united with His as you are attached through the Life giving blood of the umbilical cord, Jesus~that's keeping you alive.

What is he whispering from His heart to yours?

What Kingdom strategies is he sharing with only you?

This time of rest & reset in the womb is time to go higher to our Mountaintop experience with God, above the noise, chatter, to see things more clearly from His Kingdom perspective, hear things tuned into the frequency of His voice, above all the noise!

Rest...let Him reset you, Take you Higher above the noise and chatter of the world right now.

Look down, what is he showing you from that clear Kingdom perspective?

Can you let yourself tune into the frequency of his voice?

Can you hear it above all the noise?

This is all about His preparation to launch us when we emerge--into the promotion, upgrade, greater authority He promised us and spoke over our lives for 2020--we will find Him in a greater way and our True Authentic Identities in Him--when we seek Him with all our hearts!💖

Seek Him! Ask Him and He will reveal to you great treasure for your future...

What is He saying to you?

The enemy may think we're stuck in a tomb--but we know the Truth--we're in the womb and greater is Christ in us than evil in this world, and like Christ--there will come a Resurrection day where we Rise Up--reborn, refreshed, restored, upgraded, promoted, on fire for God, ready to storm out into the world with a new anointing and authority to shift atmospheres, bring about healings, and transform nations with the Truth & Love of God!

Amen so be it!

Heidi Bass

And how will you seize that day? Tell Him and let Him respond!

Arise My Darling My Beautiful One And Come Away With Me!

Have a Blessed week!


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How many times have you heard someone say "I Know, It's not all about me".

But it WAS!

Before you were even a thought in your parents mind, He knew you!

He knew you because He formed you. In His image He created you.


He created the perfect you when He decided the color of your skin, your hair and your eyes, how tall you would be, your personality style and all the little gifts and talents He placed in you to bring you joy and relationship with Him.

BEFORE you were born it was all about you when He set you apart to be uniquely YOU.

He is the Creator and you are a Unique piece of art He created.

Think about how much fun He must have had as He began creating!

Grab your journal and invite Holy Spirit to come with revelation. Describe yourself as if you were Him the artist, describing you, His new favorite piece of Art.

How did He put you together and why?

Where is your Purpose, your Place of Influence or Destiny?

Are you actually doing all He created you for? If so Thank Him!

If not, ask Him what's stopping you and write His response.

Ask Him what He wants you to do with this information.

I have found that for so many of us life has gotten in the way. We have lost our passion for our first love. We have lost connection with other women. We've been Detoured and are feeling like it's too late or we don't have the skills, support or means to make IT happen. Some are discouraged while others are devastated!

It's Never Too Late! If you're not dead, your not done!

I'd Love to help!

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Destiny Runners~From Detoured to Destiny in 90 days

Join us for this Transformational program! We will use my proprietary process of Journaling to hear what He has to say about you and who He created you to be, as well as what he wants you to do about it.

My passion is to see women not only hear who God says they are but begin to Believe it! Until we truly believe we are who we are, we can never Do what he created us to Do. Locking arms with other women to encourage and support each other, we will run towards our Destinies!

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Have you ever felt the pain of someone saying "Who does she think she is?" or asking straight out "Who do you think you are?"

"I have a strong memory of the day I did.

A number of years ago I was one of the worship leaders at my church. It was my Sunday off and I was enjoying the worship time. I found myself on the floor before the Lord. I was weeping as he was touching my heart.

It was one of those intimate moments you cherish with the Him and you wish would never end.

Then... behind me I heard a woman's voice say "Who does she think she is?!

Instantly the moment of peace, love and affection with the Lord was snached from me. My heart was crushed. I was embarrassed and confused. I sat there until the pastor started to pray, then grabbed my things and slipped out the side door next to me.

My passion for worship was impacted that day. I never sang on a worship team again after that. It affected my ability to fully engage in worship for many years to follow. I would constantly be distracted by the thought of what someone near me might be saying.

My guess is that there are many of you out there that have a gifting, calling, ministry that God has placed on your heart but someone's words have pushed it down and robbed you of that passion that makes you willing to do it.

Are you like I was? Frozen from the fear that someone will say "who does she think she is"? Or maybe your question is "What gives her the authority, knowledge or expertise to talk about, teach or do that? "

I'll be honest with you that fear hindered me quite a bit. I, like many and maybe most am worried about what people will say or think. I let past painful experiences keep just enough of a grip on me that I didn't do all that I knew God had given me to do.

About 2 years ago I was going through a process with my coach, when the Lord showed me that he has called me to Equip World Changers. Women who want to change the world! Women who want to change Their World!

He told me... "many will be too afraid of drowning to stand up in the current and fight the tide".

When I asked him what that fear/tide looks like He said it looks like something in their past where they had no control and it was scary. The fear and pain was so great that they don't want to risk it again.

Spending time with him in Your Secret Place is where you will find healing, courage and strategies for moving forward.

So let me encourage you to STOP, grab your journal and take a few minutes to close your eyes and go to that place in your mind where you find Him. Invite Him to join you there.

Ask Holy Spirit what is keeping you from the purpose God has created you for.

If it's fear, what is it that you are so afraid of?

When he begins to show or tell you, Go Deeper. Ask questions and ask Him to reveal more.

For me fear came from what felt like rejection. So going deeper looked like asking when in my life was I rejected?

Remembering what that pain felt like and asking Holy Spirit to identify how to get on the other side of it.

Keep asking questions until you have a clear picture and a plan for moving forward so that nothing holds you back from All you're created to do. (And don't forget to write it all down!)

We are living in exciting times and God wants you to Arise with women across the world to support each other in relationship, in ministry, in destiny and in purpose so we can ALL Enjoy seeing the reality of lives changed.

Someone out there is waiting for what ONLY YOU CAN PROVIDE!

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Multiplied Blessings! Sandi