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Hello my Arising Friends!

As 2022 comes to an end and 2023 is right around the corner, its a fun time of reflecting and expecting! Are you finding yourself saying Woulda ~ Coulda ~ Shoulda or are you Celebrating your accomplishments?

If you're like me the Lord gives you a word or a phrase for the new year. Or maybe you tell him your hopes and dreams for the coming year. Whatever it looks like for you, can I challenge you to stop and take a minute to find it? Find where you wrote it down, the dream board you created or the post it note you pinned somewhere.

When you do, ask the Lord to show you how it played out in your year as you read it.

Grab your journal and write it all down!

Can I be honest? Today, almost at the end of the year, when He took me back I had a new revelation about the word that the Lord gave me in January. My word for 2022 was Go! I literally saw myself in the starting blocks wearing my HS track uniform, ready for a sprint. I wouldn't have thought that I'd gotten much further than that starting block and my thoughts went to Woulda ~ if I hadn't have been so busy or sick, Coulda ~ helped others hear what God had to say to Them in their challenging times, Shoulda ~ gotten back to a weekly blog...

But He had something else to show me.

As I sat on His lap asking what He had for me today He said Sandra, you're gonna make it.

Instantly I saw a teeny tiny little treasure chest and grain of sand, my pearl of great price, my starfish, my sand dollar, the octopus on Your head. All reminders of the promises, the gifts He had given me this year in my Treasured chest. Each one came with Excitement and Expectations.

Then I saw a dark stone, smooth from being tossed and turned by the waves. There was a beautiful white line of tiny crystal running through it. My thought was My feet are on the Rock and He has me safe and sure, poised and ready to GO.

Go...that was my word for the year.

I'd never thought about the fact that I may physically be GOING somewhere! I don't remember asking him what the Go meant but I've had a dream about getting back to doing retreats in different locations. Not long ago I was a guest speaker for another group. At the end of the class my dear prophetic friend asked if she could share a word for me. She said she kept hearing the Lord say Destination Journaling. That I would be taking women to locations to do Journaling prompts and possibly Israel.

Well... I have now finalized the itinerary to take a group to Israel in September to Encounter Jesus where He Encountered Women! I'm SO Excited and it's something I can truly celebrate!

I strongly encourage you to take some time to read back over your journal from this year and let Him reveal the depth of what you've accomplished. And...Don't forget to make a plan to CELEBRATE it!

Then set some time to spend with Him and ask Him what your word or phrase is for 2023! I would love for you to share with me what that is and where you'd like to be in 2023.

Multiplied Blessings as you move into the Holiday Season!


P.S. Watch for my Christmas gift to you and more information about Israel coming soon.

Hello Friends!

I know this is very last minute but if you are in the Santa Barbara area and would like to join me, I would LOVE to have you! If you aren't able to make it this week but would like to another day, please let me know. I will plan to do another date before the exhibit is finished.

Also if you could do me a huge favor and go onto my FB Post and write a comment and share with your friends, I would greatly appreciate it. Only about 15% of your friends see your posts. If FB sees at least 5 comments of 5 words or more in a short amount of time, they decide it's worth sharing with more people.

Watch for #13 Promise ~ A FREE 3 Day Challenge coming soon!

Multiplied Blessings! Sandi

If you have followed me for a while, you know that one day the Lord said he had good gifts for me but I never asked, so I started Asking!

Each day they come to me in some form of a treasure chest. So I have decided to start sharing some of my daily treasures with you all. I'm believing that what he has for me, could also be for you!

Today it was Big and Heavy! Full and sitting in the wet sand on the edge of the surf.

My thoughts went like this...

"On the EDGE of it going out to the ocean of people who need it. It's MY treasure of what I have to share."

What treasure are you holding on to that others need?

"Sometimes I see it small but you're showing me it's Huge! It's Big! there is a lot to it. It's not one simple thing."

Do you think small? Do you feel like you have some little thing that you can share with others? I want to encourage you that whatever Papa God has placed in you as a gift and talent are Huge to someone else.

Take some time with Papa and ask him to show you His vision for your life. What does He want to do with what he has placed in you?

Please reach out and let me know how I can serve you and help you take your next step!

Many Blessings as you move forward in ALL He has called you to do.


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