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The Prophetic Meaning for Colors

This chart was given to me at a Bethel Church Creativity Conference.

Of course there are many different colors and different shades of colors. It’s always my suggestion that you also ask Holy Spirit to show you any special significance meant for you.  Then add it to this list for your personal reference in the future.


Amber - The glory of God, the Father’s heavenly care, majesty
Black - The mysteries of God, the secret place, depths, unknown, strength
Blue - Heavenly, prophetic, Holy Spirit, grace, revelation, knowledge, the river of God, life-giving flow of   the Holy Spirit, refreshing, nourishing, unlimited potential
Brown - People, earth, harvest, sowing, humility, seed
Burgundy/wine - The new wine, the cup of the new covenant, blessings, rejoicing, the blood of Jesus, the Bride of Christ, richness
Pink - Joy, compassion, healing, friendship, deep place of the heart, love, romance of God, sweetness, innocence, softness, inner-beauty
Gold - Deity, wealth, royalty, refining fire, glory, majesty, power
Green - New beginnings, growth, hope, restoration, happiness, springtime, birth, new life, eternity, abundance
Iridescent white, Angelic presence, blessing of God’s truth, heavenly realm
Lavender - transparency/vulnerability, fragrance, intercession
Orange - courage, passion, dynamos power, fire, harvest, strength
Purple - royalty, Kingship, sonship, inheritance, richness, abundance, infilling of the Holy Spirit
Red - atonement, the blood of Jesus, sacrifice, redemption, love, grace
Silver - refinement, Holy Spirit, freedom to create, strength
White - purity, holiness, righteousness, peace, bride of Christ
Yellow - courtship with God, intentional pursuit, the glory of God, happiness, joy, friendship, laughter, fun, risk (Ezekiel 28:13)


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