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About Me...

Self Discovery Healing Coach, Encounter Journaling, Author & Public Speaker

My Life was changed in 2001 when I heard God speak to me through a Journaling class assignment. I was blown away when I realized I was actually having a conversation with Him through writing. When I asked Him if people could learn to hear Him through this process, He said "Guide them" and I began developing the process I call Encounter Journaling. ​

I grew up in a Christian home the youngest of 6 girls. I have always treasured my relationship with the Lord and I'm excited that He is bringing me back to my creative passion and allowing me to share it with you!

I live in Southern California. I have two amazing sons, an awesome daughter in love, a beautiful grandson and a second on the way.


"Life is like an empty journal and you fill the pages as you go!"

Sandi Neustadt

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